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Wife Of A Philanthropist Helped A Limbless Dog Find The Perfect Prosthetic Legs

December 29, 2018

When Janis Rosenthal saw a Facebook story about a pup that lost his legs and was badly injured, she didn’t waste time to seek help to her friends who are also passionate with dogs. Off the bat, Rosenthal sent an email to President John Dalley of Soi Dog Foundation—an animal welfare organization that saves stray dogs in Phuket, Thailand.

Simultaneously, an animal welfare enforcement organisation called Watchdog Thailand, sought help to Dalley about the same dog, Cola. Their local vet’s equipment is not sufficient for the dog’s needs. Thereafter, Soi Dog assumed the responsibility for Cola’s welfare. They brought the dog to a more advanced facility in Bangkok that can cater his needs.

Unfortunately, Cola’s legs had to be amputated. Dalley commended Watchdog Thailand for rescuing Cola’s life since he was really on the verge of death due to blood loss. One vet volunteered to make Cola’s prosthetic legs.

After a month, Dalley visited Cola. He became fond with his warm welcome to him. After Dalley rubbed his coat, his tail immediately wagged.

A new Friend arrives

When Cola was fitting his prosthetics, Gill, Dalley’s wife, met Cola. Gill’s two legs were also amputated so they automatically got connection. “It was love at first sight when they met,” Dalley said.

After saving a sedated dog that ran into a flooded field, Gill got an unusual bacterium which penetrated her skin. It got worse resulting to septicemia. She was able to survive but it left her with no legs.

Gill referred Cola to her prosthetist soon after she saw how uncomfortable Cola was with his prosthetic legs. The prosthetist also fell in love with Cola and created him sets of prosthetic legs. They were amazed how fast Cola adapted to his new prosthetics.

On February 2017, Gill passed away due to cancer but her legacy for Soi Dog will live on. Currently, Cola has three sets of prosthetic legs and enjoys playing with other dogs. Below is a video of Cola fastening his prosthetic legs.