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Two Dogs Saved The Life Of Their Owner Who Had A Stroke

February 18, 2019

This is a story of not one, but two real-life, “Lassies” who saved the life of their owner just like the movie. Maureen Hatcher had a stroke and collapsed, but before she did, she managed to tell her two dogs, “Your mom needs help.” After that, the dogs jumped into action to save her life.

The two Labradors Bella and Sadie are more than just Maureen’s best friend. They give a whole new level of meaning to the phrase “rescue dogs.” The home security camera showed the two dogs running out of the house to get help for their owner who had suffered a stroke.

“I remember Sadie coming in, and I said mommy needs help, and then they’re gone,” Maureen recalls. The frantic barking managed to get the attention of a nearby neighbor Alexandra Naspolini. “When I saw the dogs outside I knew something happened,” Naspolini explained.

When Naspolini followed the dogs back home and saw Hatcher’s condition, she immediately called 911. When Naspolini arrived, she recalled the inside of the house was dark, and her instincts told her that something is definitely not right. Paramedics quickly arrived before Hatcher suffered any major damage.

Hatcher describes her dogs as angels who crossed the streets and saved her life. She acknowledges that if it weren’t for her dogs and the neighbor who came to her aid, she wouldn’t be in the safe condition she is now.

A stroke is very serious, and timing is very important. In this case, the timing was great, and the dogs were able to save the day. Everything that transpired that day was captured on a security camera stationed at the doorbell.

Maureen Hatcher lives with her grandson, but during that time, he wasn’t there. Luckily, Bella and Sadie are always with their owner. Their loyalty and love were shown in the rescue effort. Our pet dogs truly care.

Video courtesy of Good Morning America via YouTube