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Teach Your Puppy Not To Jump On People

December 23, 2018

People often feel bothered or even scared when dogs jump on them. And, indeed, it can be dangerous in some situations. But, the good news is that this behavior can be corrected. And the sooner you teach your dog not to jump on people to talk to, the better.

Why do puppies jump? The reason is simple. They do it because they want attention. They want you to like them. So, the obvious thing to do is to teach them, that there is a better way to be noticed: to be in a sitting position.

So, how to teach your puppy this better way? Dogs are good learners. How do we teach them? As always, simply prevent unwanted behavior and encourage acceptable behavior.

To stop jumping, practice the simple “sit” command in different situations. Have your puppy to sit for everything he likes, like getting food, fetching a ball or toy, or before opening a door etc. He will soon associate sitting with good things in his life and also as a way to communicate with you. He will learn that is better to sit than to.

Click here for some good tips you can use for training the “sit” and other commands:

But, keep in mind: don’t ever reward jumping, except when that is exactly what he should do. If you try to catch or hug him when he jumps, then he will get the wrong message and he will think you liked the jump. Instead, when your puppy jumps, step forward and say “Off!” in a friendly but firm voice. Use “Off” in this situation, because “Down” is normally used when instructing the dog to lie down. Alternatively, turn away from him and go in the opposite direction when he still jumps or intends to do it.

As usual, remember to praise him when he is sitting down instead of jumping. He needs a reward from you. Give him a treat and praise him, when he puts his four paws on the floor. Now tell him again to “sit” and offer praise and a treat as reward for good behavior.  And of course, if your puppy doesn’t get it yet, ignore him and repeat the exercise, perhaps several times. Ultimately he will understand that jumping is not the right thing to do to get attention, and you can then reward him.

If you have some friends who love dogs or have their own puppies, then you may ask them to take part in the training. They will know that training takes time, but they will love to help you and your puppy.

And last but not least, when your friends come over for the first time, remember to keep him on leash until the situation calms down, and you can then let him get acquainted with your visitors. Be assured, he will learn.

As a rule, have your puppy on his leash when meeting new people in the street or elsewhere. He will then become well behaved and admired.

He will learn and enjoy life together with you.