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Sasha, a Horic Dog Saves his Family from Tragedy

December 23, 2018

Dogs know what is right and wrong, and they can be incredibly courageous and resourceful when they see a danger. On June 3rd, 2018 flames engulfed the home of Nana Chaichanhda. She and her baby were resting inside when fire broke out. Sasha is Chaichanhda’s 8-month old pit bull and this pup was on guard as usual just outside and thus he became the hero of this true story.

Before anyone else, Sasha noticed the fire, stood up and understood that something was terribly wrong and then rushed to warn Chaichanhda who still was totally unaware of the developing disaster. She was laying in her bed, and only woke up when Sasha was banging and crying at her backyard door. At the moment she opened the back door, Sasha rushed into the home and straight to the bedroom.

The fire spread fast and had already destroyed a neighbouring house and would eventually also transform Chaichanhda’s house into ashes. This was already a disaster, but things could have gone worse.

Chaichanhda  was confused at first, then she realised that her cousin’s apartment, which was right next door, was also up in flames.  She run into the bedroom to save the baby she knew was steeping there. But Sasha was a smart dog. He had understood that the baby was not capable of running into safety. The baby needed immediate help. So, what did the dog do? He started to drag the 7-months old baby by the wiper, first off the bed and then along the floor!

Chaichanhda was able to call the firefighting department and the firefighters arrived quickly and were able to save most of the building.

Sasha had saved the lives of Chaichanhda and her baby. Sasha is a hero dog.

Resourceful, Courageous Dogs

What do we learn from this? Dogs can be incredibly resourceful. In a crisis situation they can even prioritise. In this case Sasha rushed to save the baby – the most vulnerable member of the family. Not to hurt the baby he drew the baby by the wiper!

People who have saved others say it was something they had to do. Could this be a similar instinct in a dog? For the last ten years or so, science has revealed our woofers are intelligent very beings. Thy are capable of feeling all kinds emotions we normally attach to humans. Is it a strong desire to help that makes them run into a burning house in order to save a child, or a gut instinct from their days as wolves in the wild? Wolves fight to protect a member of their clan in the same way a human goes into battle to defend their family, their country. Dogs embrace their human pack and when one is in trouble, they put their best paw forward to keep them safe.

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Chaichanhda hopes her story helps change the negative perception of pit bulls.

We can only agree with her!