PourquoiPas (CC0), Pixabay

More and more people are feeding their pet dogs with raw food, thinking that it is next to what a dog will be eating if he is raised in the wild. If you ever wonder if it is alright for you to feed your dog with raw meat or other raw diets, then this article is for you. We will be discussing the probable risks that would likely occur if you feed your dog with raw food.

Is it safe to feed my dog raw meat?

It is actually up to you. Although dogs can eat and are able to digest raw meat, it doesn’t mean that it should be the food they are supposed to be eating. The reason behind this is, raw meat as with any other raw food, may contain harmful bacteria that if ingested can be a cause of a medical situation to your beloved pets. Common bacteria found in most raw meat are salmonella and listeria.

It’s the reason why, FDA, CDC and other experts are against the feeding of raw meat to dogs.

How about raw vegetable and fruits?

Although carrots and bananas are good for your dogs, some raw vegetables and fruits are not. This is because, for your dog to grow healthy and normally, fruits and veggies should only constitute about 10% in a dog’s diet. This is to ensure that he will not be eating too many calories in a day.

Is raw meat good for dogs?

Although some dog experts would say yes, here at Purina it’s a no. Studies suggest that raw meat does not contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your dog needs. Furthermore, the FDA, the CDC, and AVMA are all against letting dogs eat raw meat and another raw dog diet because of the dangers it brings.

If I feed my dog with a raw diet, how will it impact my family?

Contamination is the worst case scenario. If you feed your dog raw meat, chances are he can transfer the bacteria present on the raw meat to the rest of the family, simply by contact. Examples are, licking or touching when petting your dog. It has been proven that bacteria can be shed after your dog digests the food.

What other drawbacks does feeding raw meat to dogs have?

Aside from the presence of bacteria, raw food diets do not contain complete and balanced nutrition that your dog needs. Raw meat does not provide all the nutrition your pup needs to help him grow into a healthy adult dog. Although some pet owners reason out that it is to recreate a diet that dogs might eat in the wild, it is not really that successful. In the wild, dogs eat a bunch of food groups, from vegetable to fruits including whole animals and its intestinal contents.

As a conclusion, dogs need to be fed with a complete, nutritious and balanced dog food. Even if you create a dog food that has mainly raw meat, it can be formulated incorrectly. Remember nutritional deficiencies may cause illnesses and other abnormalities. Also, most pet owners don’t have the resources needed to create the most complete dog food for your pets.