As strawberry season approaches, you can’t help but imagine the fresh and juicy berries as a healthy snack for you and your family. But can they also be a good treat for your dog? Are they safe? You must be wondering: is OK to feed my dog strawberries? This can be something worth to wonder given that you and your dog have different nutritional needs and systems. Find out more if strawberries are good for your dog.

Strawberries: Are they good for your dog?

Yes, strawberries are good for dogs. However, you should only feed your pets with strawberries just like any other snacks. It should still be under the 10 Percent Rule for treats. This means, when you feed your dog with treats, it should only be 10 percent of his total calories for the day. Following this rule will help your dog prevent unwanted weight gain.

Strawberries are sweet. In fact, that’s the reason in the first place we want to eat strawberries. However, strawberries contain sugar and a lot of sugar even in fruit is not beneficial to dogs. Feed your dog with strawberries in moderation.

In addition, strawberries are good for your dog because of the nutrients it contains. It has high water content, fiber, vitamin C, and a teeth-whitening enzyme. Because it is known to contain a lot of natural compounds that will act as antioxidants, strawberries are not only good for humans but also to some animals, although for dogs, it has to be studied yet.

How to prepare strawberries for your dogs?

Just like any other fruit, wash and clean the strawberries thoroughly. This is to ensure that all residual chemicals and dirt are rinsed away.

Although strawberries are too pretty to be a choking hazard, as long as it’s a mass, it can still a choking hazard. So if you are feeding strawberries to a small dog or to puppies, it is recommended that you cut them into small bits or better yet puree them. Mashing is also another good option. But for larger dogs, you can cut the strawberries in half or serve them whole.

How to introduce the fruit to my dog?

If this is the first time your dog will taste strawberry, it is advisable to gradually incorporate strawberry into their meal. Some dogs don’t know what to do with a strawberry and may just end up uneaten. What you can do is to freeze the fruits and before serving them to your pets. However, whatever you decide on how to serve them, start out slowly.

You can try feeding your dog a single berry just to observe its reaction. You can put the strawberry on his food if he likes them – but only if your dog likes strawberries.

Another benefit of introducing the food slowly is you will know if the fruit is causing a problem. If you notice upset stomach, issues with digestion, there is intense scratching or increased thirst, you should call your vet.

Canned strawberries: Are they good?

It is strongly advised to never let your dog eat canned strawberries. Canned fruits are already packed in syrup or sugar. This defeats the purpose of letting your dog eat healthy treats.

Not only strawberries are good for your dogs, but also other berries such as blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, and blueberries.