If this is your first time breeding dogs, there are several things that you ought to keep in mind. This factors ought to be considered since they’ll give you adequate information that will guide you accordingly.

Preparation is key here. The process is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Also, you’ll end up spending so much time and lots of labor. There’s a need for you to be fully committed to the process. Months of careful planning play a major role. The same applies to the investment in money.

For that matter, it’s important to consider the following tips before you get started:

Make sure you have adequate information about the breed you’re dealing with. Also, familiarise yourself with dog breeding, and the AKC breed standards. Avoid rushing into the process. The female dog should be given ample time to grow up, her health certifications should also be completed after 2 years of age.

This is where you call in your veterinary to examine the female dog. The examination should include a fecal check. This should be done prior to having her bred. The vaccination should also be up-to-date.

You can always talk to your breeder about breeding your bitch. They’ll give you important opinions as you start searching for the perfect male to complement the female. It’s also important to consult with other breeders who have been successful in this process.

Key Factors

The important factors to take into consideration include the temperament, health of the potential stud dogs, and the confirmation. You also need to research about the previous generations of that breed.

Having picked your potential stud, the next thing is to select the backup male. This works well in case the first choice ends up failing. After doing this, you can then finalise the stud contract. Ensure that you sign all the obligations and terms.

At this point, you can also start developing your own contract for sale. If you need help during this process, you can always contact other breeders. They’ll then share samples of their contracts so that you can have an idea of what it’s all about.

You can launch an advertising campaign before the breeding starts. This will let other people know about the incoming litters. You can take an ad out in a breed publication and post it on websites. Make sure that you include the AKC registration and health information. You can also include photos of the dam and sire in the ad.

After the bitch comes in season, you’ll have to start the progesterone testing. This will help you determine the best time for her to be bred. The pregnant bitch should always be fed with high-quality dog food. They should also be exercised regularly so that they’re in shape.

It’s also important for you to prepare the whelping box. It should be large enough to accommodate the bitch and her newborns. Plenty of towels will also come in handy and blankets too.