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Home Sweet Home – Puppies Long for it too

December 26, 2018

You have seen many striking stories about how dogs become attached to their masters and to their homes. Madison, an Anatolian shepherd dog, is a recent and very moving proof of the fact that dogs know where they belong and to whom. During the Northern California’s Camp Fire the home of the Gaylord family was burned to the ground. The Family had just minutes to escape from the fast-moving fire and their dog Miguel was nowhere to be found. Had he been consumed by the flames or had he run away to a hiding place somewhere?

The Gaylords were of course hoping that the Madison and his brother Miguel ware alive and hiding somewhere. But they were worried. The dogs had not been alone on their own before. In November after the fire, Gaylord therefore requested animal rescue worker Shayla Sullivan to conduct a search for the two missing dogs.

Where was Madison?

I was therefore a great relief, when a different rescue worker managed to capture Miguel not long afterwards and reunite him to Gaylord and her husband. But, Madison’s whereabouts remained a mystery. However, Shayla Sullivan noticed that some type of animal was eating the food and water that she was regularly was leaving out. Could it be Madison?

But, Madison knew where his sweet home had been and who had lived in that place. He knew something disastrous had happened. But he was a shepherd dog, a professional in his breed, so he would stay in hiding until a familiar and trustworthy person turned up. When Gaylord drove up to the property the first day authorities allowed her back, it took “about five or 10 minutes” for Madison to come running up to greet her, tail wagging, jumping of joy.

An equally happy and exciting event took place when Madison and Miguel met. They had been missing each other as a much as Madison had been missing his sweet home and his master. Now they were united again!

Gaylord and her family had to stay temporarily in a mobile home park, but the dogs stayed on the property. Anatolian shepherd dogs have been bred for thousands of years to protect and guard livestock, their property and their humans. They are appreciated for their loyalty, their intelligence and their independent nature. Madison is a guardian dog and he went right back to where he belonged and stayed there until his owners and working brother returned. Forcing him to stay at the mobile home park would be untenable.

Nobody knows how Madison survived the blaze without injury, but the dog had understood the danger, run into safety and then returned to the home, to what had been their sweet home. Madison stayed there at was left, waiting, watching, guarding. He did not know what would happen, would Gaylord return, would Miguel return? But he would never give up. The place was his and it was his duty to be its guardian..

Ultimately he got his well deserved reward! Gaylord came back! Miguel come back!

They were united again!