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Dumpster Puppies Shoved Thankfulness when Rescued

December 30, 2018

In early October, a man came to San Antonio Pets Alive! Medical Clinic. He carried 2 skinny and maltreated puppies about 3 months of age.  The staffers directed him to the town’s no–kill shelter.  They watched him walk away with the puppies but the man didn’t get that far.

Later in the afternoon, an employee of a neighbouring meat market got a surprise upon opening up the store’s dumpster.  Some one had discarded 2 puppies like trash.  Immediately, he called the clinic to report the incidence and the clinic’s kennel supervisor responded right away.

From the very instant that she lifted up the bin’s lid, the puppies reactions were pure relief and thankfulness.


“Immediately, they snuggled up to her and wagging their tails like crazy when offered food and showed them love,” said Medical Clinic Director Kylie Brasher.

Maltreated and Miserable

The workers realised at once that the puppies were severely maltreated and deserted. Other than being undernourished, both puppies, now called Bowie and Crockett, were positive of ringworm and some other parasites.

The first time they arrived in the clinic, Bowie was protective of his brother.  To keep his brother warm, he’d cover Crowie using his body and shared everything with him.

“When Crocket refused to eat, Bowie took some of his kibble and laid them by Crocket’s face.  I’ve never seen a puppy do that!” said Brasher.  “Their bond is so heartwarming.”

A separate examination has shown that Crocket also had canine parvovirus.  So the brothers had to be separated for a while.

While both Bowie and Crockett both had serious health conditions, their rescuers and caretakers are highly confident that they’ll both make it to full recovery.

Photo Credits to San Antonio Pets Alive!

“Now that the puppies have full bellies and are on medications for the medical conditions, they are extremely affectionate and playful.  We’re very hopeful of their recoveries,” explained Brasher.

Once Bowie and Crockett received their medical clearances and have been neutered, their journey in finding their forever home will begin. Whoever offers them a loving family and home will definitely receive endless gratitude from the brothers.