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Strange Dog Festival in China

February 27, 2019

Throughout history dogs have had many different relationships with human communities. And the role of dogs have changed drastically over time when the living conditions of the human communities themselves have changed. The oldest and perhaps the best known ancient role of dogs is the role of a dog as hunter companion. For us today, some dogs still fulfil this role, but the majority of dogs are just friends, playmates, guardians at home, etc. Many of our dogs have also become professionals working in the police force, in customs etc. This web site is full of examples of happy and proud dogs and dog owners.

But sometimes we humans can become blindfolded by old and widespread practises. Something that made sense in the past, but not anymore, may still remain as an acceptable practise although the circumstances that lead to it are gone. If everybody else has been doing it, we do not question it, we do it too. When this happens we need people like Marc Ching who has had the courage to question an old tradition and opened our eyes.

Here is his story:

hero dogs yulin festival rescued marc ching rescue - 9270489344

While the idea of killing our beloved canine companions for meat seems appalling to us, it’s been a norm for particular cultures. There is a festival in China known as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, a week-long event that takes place every year. It is estimated that millions of dogs are killed for this festival. Marc Ching, an American activist, has made it his mission in life to rescue dogs from slaughterhouses. In the process, he has been beaten, threatened, and even detained by authorities. But Marc Ching is, thankfully, vigilant in seeing his goal through.

All the dogs Marc Ching has rescued have been taken to shelters and to the foster care organisations to help find furr-ever homes for the cherished canines. Because of Ching’s strong morals and constant action, he inspired activists around the globe and has brought awareness to what is happening. Thanks to Ching, fewer and fewer dogs are dying at the festival. Marc Ching has a Facebook page where you will find more information.

Fortunately, Mr Marc Ching is not alone in trying to stop this festival as something not serving any purpose in the world today. Ms Angelica Langridge is running her own petition to cancel the event. You can read more about project and join her here.