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Dachshund Fascinates Muggles As He Follows Magical Spells

February 20, 2019

Harry Potter’s worldwide influence took the world by storm. Now, not only humans are fascinated with the Wizarding World’s magic.

A miniature dachshund named Remus has charmed his way through every Potterhead’s heart online. The one-year-old, as per a video uploaded by his human, responds accordingly to magic spells said to him.

Remus’s owner, Anna Brisbin, is a huge Harry Potter fan – a Potterhead, as they are called. Brisbin grew up loving the books, which consequently are a big part of who she has become now. Her love for J.K. Rowling’s books is also what inspired her to name her dog after the great Professor Remus Lupin.

Remus began learning the spells as early as when he was just two months of age. Brisbin taught him easy-to-follow spells first: for Stupefy, all he has to do is bow down, and for Wingardium Leviosa, Remus just has to stand up on two feet and reach up.

Remus has also learned to go up the stairs when told “Ascendio”, and to go down when told “Descendio”. Playing fetch for Brisbin and Remus is through the spell “Accio” followed by what needs to be fetched.

Aside from simple spells, Remus has also learned more complicated spells to follow, such as “Alohomora”, wherein he has to press a button below the door so someone can open it. He has also learned to pee on command when told the spell “Aguamento”.  Another complex spell he has learned is “Immobolus”, commanding him to stop in place, whatever it is he is doing.

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Of all these spells, however, Brisbin’s favorite is when Remus does the “Avada Kedavra”, which makes him roll over the carpet floor.

Watch Remus adorably put a spell on your heart with his video below!

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Video courtesy of Brizzy Voices via Youtube.