People regularly take their dogs along when they travel by car. The dogs love it. Before the time of compulsory seat-belts and special seats for kids, dogs could jump around in the back of the care. Soon everybody realised that jumping around in a car at full speed could be dangerous, even fatal for the passengers. Car safety for dogs is important for all passengers in the car.

When your Puppy is travelling with you in your car

The American Automobile Association (AAA) reports that, in the past, over 30 percent of drivers have been distracted by their pets when driving. The majority of car accidents take place within 25 miles of your home. Taking your pet along with your kids, friends or other passengers in the car, but not taking necessary precautions, is a serious risk for you, your pet, passengers and for other drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, attitudes have finally been changing.

But sadly, many drivers still do not fully understand the danger of unrestrained pets in cars. You have seen it in the news. Car accidents can be fatal and unrestrained animals increase the risk.

As a responsible dog owner, what can you – should you – do? Here is some very basic pieces of advice. There may be advantages and disadvantages with each choice. You decide. You are responsible.

Car safety for dogs start with the Dog Safety Harness

The dog safety harness is worn like a regular body harness. The harness is attached to a seatbelt or to some other fixed part of your car. It should go without saying, that you should not keep the harness in your hand and not connect it to some other loose part in the car. Currently, there are no federal or state standards to which a pet safety harness must conform. Clearly, when using a safety harness, you must know exactly what the harness is designed for.

The basic fact is that almost none of the safety harnesses on the market are designed to protect the pet in the event of an accident. Instead, the majority of the harnesses are designed to prevent the dog from moving around in the car. Clearly, this is important because, if the pet is moving freely in the car, it is very likely that the pet will disrupt the driver at some point. But equally important is that, in the event of an accident, a freely moving pet risks flying across the car, risking injury to themselves as well as passengers.

Many types of pet harnesses have been tested in recent years, but in most cases the harnesses have failed in various ways, sometimes being broken in the crash, sometimes strangling the pet. The fact of the matter is that safety for your dog, your passengers and yourself is a topic still in development. To get information about what is available and tests results go to the Center for Pet Safety. Another good source is this one  Car Safety for Dogs

Your dog deserves it. You and your passengers deserve it. Take car safety seriously. I know you can.