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Brave Police Saves a Puppy Stranded on a Frozen Lake

December 30, 2018

Puppies do not appreciate the risks of venturing out on thin ice. If they can hear cracks in the ice below them, they get scared. After a second they run to safety on the shore. That saves them. But, young puppies are often more curious than careful. And that may turn out to be fatal for them as was the case for this puppy stranded on a frozen lake in Turkey.

Sometimes help is within reach: Recently a hero police diver in Turkey showed exceptional courage and determination. He succeeded in saving a puppy that had got lost on the ice of a frozen lake. He and his colleague spotted the puppy on the ice and they understood it was in danger. They went out with a small boat to rescue the puppy. After a while they realised that using a boat on a frozen lake is difficult if not impossible.

The Rescue

The police officer Burak Okten decided to swim 150 meters across the Bostanici Goleti lake. He wanted to rescue the puppy from the freezing water. He smashed through the ice with his bare arms to reach the puppy, He was then able to carried her safely to shore.

Mr Okten, was duly hailed for his bravery. He said: “It was hard to reach the dog. It was a tough swim but well worth it as I am happy to have saved the animal.” The puppy was clinging to life when it was rescued. But it made a swift recovery over the next two days.

After the adventure Mr. Okten decided to adopt the puppy. It had been such an extraordinary experience for both of them. After having announced his decision, he said: “We had very little hope when she got out of the water. I didn’t expect her to survive.”

Watch the dramatic video below showing him hitting the ice and then cradling the puppy in his arms as he brings it to safety.

Watch your puppy. It’s nice, curious, adventurous and always enthusiastic. But don’t let your little friend go too far and take too great risks. He is just a puppy and there so many other nice adventures waiting for him and for you.