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Big Babies: The World’s Largest Dog Breeds

January 10, 2019

Breeds dictate several factors: size, strength, longevity, stamina, and agility among others.  While there are a lot of dog lovers that will choose purse pooch so they can be easily brought anywhere, there is also a significant number of fur parents that will rather bring home the bigger ones, the “Big Babies”.

Tallest, heaviest, most massive

Here are the largest dog breeds in the world.

Great Dane – The mighty “Apollo of Dogs” is the world’s recognised largest breed, well, at least by height. This German breed known for its giant size, also called German Mastiff, stands at an average of 28 to 30 inches and weighs around 100 to 120 pounds.  Zeus, a Great Dane from Otsego, MI, was named the “world’s tallest dog” by the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2012 and 2013.  He measured at 44 inches in height!  Nonetheless, the gentle giants may have been blessed with a bigger built versus other breeds, they were not given the long life. A Great Dane’s life expectancy is only an average of 6 an no more than 8 years.  They reach their old age faster and Zeus crossed the rainbow bridge only at the age of 5.

Neapolitan mastiff – Originating from Italy, the Mastino Napoletano is a large, ancient dog. He is a massive guard and ultimate protector of his family and its possessions.  With a protective instinct and fearsome appearance, he stands at an average of 24 to 31 inches and weighs about 130 to 150 pounds.  Mastinos are known to be one of the quiet type of dogs.  In cases of intruders, they are less likely to bark, rather, they will bout which makes them an ideal guard dog.  Mastinos will need a family that is experienced enough in canine training and socialization to make their very protective instinct a pro instead of being a con on the breed.

Scottish Deerhound – Needless to say, the Scottish Deerhound originated from Scotland and was bred to hunt the red deer. He has a big resemblance with the Greyhound but is larger in size and bones.  He stands between 28 and 32 inches and weighs about 75 to 110 pounds.  Like their size, they have a big heart and they love to please their families.  Just because they are big doesn’t mean you need a big house to keep one.  They can adapt in city living too as long as you bring them to the park for hours of running and fetching.

Dogue de Bordeaux – Okay, let’s not make it difficult for ourselves. Let’s call him the French mastiff instead, one of the most ancient French dogs.  He is a massive and a very powerful dog that excels in different work capacities be it pulling carts or transporting heavy objects.  History also claimed that French mastiffs were used to defend the castles of the European elite.  A Dogue de Bordeaux can stand from 23 to 27 inches and weigh between 125 to 150 pounds.

Newfoundland – Unlike other large breeds that were created to be guard dogs, the Newfoundland, originating from Newfoundland, was developed to be a working dog to accompany fishermen in the Dominion of Newfoundland (now part of Canada). He stands between 27 to 20 inches and weighs from 121 to an astounding 176 pounds.

English mastiff – Originating from England is an extremely large dog, the English Mastiff. He can grow up to 30 inches in height and weigh as much as 250 pounds.  Whew! That’s just one massive furbaby!  The English mastiff is the record holder of world’s heaviest dog.  Despite the enormous size, an English mastiff can still be a impeccable family pet because he is warm, tender, and loyal – indeed a gentle giant.

Saint Bernard – Bred in the northern Italy and Swiss Alps to serve as a rescue dog, the Saint Bernard is a giant dog that can stand from 25 to 30 inches and weigh between 140 and 260 pounds, sometimes even heavier! Despite the fact that Saint Bernards are no longer working dogs, there are still a significant number owned to these days. Because of their gentle and friendly nature, they make a perfect addition to the family, even those with kids.

Leonberger – Standing between 27 and 31 inches and weighs from 150 to 170 pounds, the result of crossbreeding a Newfoundland and a Saint Bernard, the Leonberger. If you want a dog that you can easily bring just anywhere without the hassle of leash pulling or incessant barking, a Leonberger is just one of the top choices.

Irish Wolfhound – The tallest of all breeds, the Irish Wolfhound. Females should measure no less than 32 inches in height and 105 pounds in weight while males should be at least 30 inches in height and 120 pounds in weight. Yes, that’s just the minimum!  The native of Ireland are great protectors of their humans and will defend their families but not necessarily good guard dogs of the house.  They socialise well with young children and are hardly known to be destructive at home.

Are you ready and willing to take care of one of these big babies?