With the rising trend of veterinary health care costs, dog owners search for ways to lower them down without sacrificing quality.

Dog owners are one of the most passionate people in the world – they’re willing to try anything, so their pets escape suffering.

ACV (Apple cider vinegar) is a natural remedy with a lot of benefits. This kind of vinegar comes from naturally fermented apples through yeast and sugar. Hence, the sweet taste that comes along with the sourness of the vinegar.

Not known to everybody, the fermentation process is the reason behind its medicinal effects. Fermentation brings out the probiotic enzymes and attributes of the apple, hence its many health benefits.

Let us see for ourselves the uses of this natural remedy for our doggie friends.

Say goodbye to skin itches

Like humans, dogs also suffer from skin diseases. Water mixed with apple cider vinegar is one natural remedy readily available.

Apply apple cider vinegar mixture on your dog as part of his daily grooming routine to notice improvements.

Tick and flea repellant

The most common pests that afflict dogs include ticks, fleas, and flies. No matter how we clean our dogs, these creatures keep coming back.

Use small amounts of ACV mixture as a tick repellant. Add this mixture to their food or water. You may also use it to bathe your dog with it or spray it over the dog’s coat before starting the bath.

Ear cleanser

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One can also use the ACV mixture as an ear cleanser. Apply some on a cotton ball and wipe it on their ears. If, however, you notice signs of ear infection (redness and discharges), immediately seek veterinary consult.

Digestion stabilizer

Still using the half-half mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, place small amounts in your dog’s meal and water for them to consume it. Studies show that apple cider, an acidic vinegar, helps increase good bacteria count in the stomach, ultimately aiding the digestion process.

As such, ACV provides these results after its use:

  • Stable weight
  • Improved digestion process
  • Optimal nutrient absorption


Despite knowing all of these benefits, it is always best to seek a veterinarian first. After all, they’re the experts in dog and animal health.