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A Missing Dog Finally Got Home After 3 Years Of Wandering In The Woods

December 30, 2018

Three years ago, the George family of Wyoming travelled to Burlington, Iowa along with their dog Ginger for a business trip. For some reason, the dog snuck to the place they were renting. That was when the dog went missing.

According to the Des Moines County Regional Humane Society, the husband of the owner was working in a fertilizer plant in Wever back then. The wife and the dog, Ginger, came to visit him in August of 2015. The dog is very special to the family since she was passed to them by the wife’s mother. Her mother recently died that time.

When the dog went missing, the family spent hundreds of dollars for ads just to find her. They searched the town thoroughly but they couldn’t find Ginger.

Three years later.

Kandi Glick—the current head of the Des Moines County Regional Humane Society—received some calls about a dog that got loose. She found out that this dog was eating trashed junk food at a car wash.

Glick lured the dog with hotdogs and when she was able to capture her and get a closer look. She thought that the dog resembles Ginger from the George family. If her guess is true, then the dog unbelievably survived three winters in the woods of Burlington.

When Glick got hold of the family, they were a bit sceptic because they had received the same claim before. However, a purple and lime green collar revealed that it was indeed Ginger. The collar’s design was blur outside but the inside showed a much clearer view of what it was before.

The George family confirmed that Ginger had the collar when they lost her. Residents of Burlington were fascinated by the story and helped Glick to meet the George family in Sioux Falls.

Hesitant at first, Ginger seemed unsure who the person was in front of her when she met again Jennifer George, her long-lost owner. But, after a few seconds, she was able to recognise her and thereafter, the room was filled of hugs, tears and kisses.

Jennifer George was very emotional in thanking Glick for delivering Ginger back to their life. She said “without people like Glick, they wouldn’t have these moments”.

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