A video went viral recently involving a guy who seemed to be dumping his dog. In the video, a person seemed to be abandoning a black labrador. The guy is forcefully shoving the dog away. As the man walks towards his car, the dog continues to jump on him.

This sparked outrage among online users who saw the video. An online commenter said, “What did this dog do to make you hate him so much?” Another one writes, “How can you do that to a poor dog?”

A man named Steven Silver shot the video on his phone. “I don’t know any sane person that would walk up to a strange dog and hit it.” When the video spread online, a lot of people wanted to know if the man in the video is the dog’s owner. The reality, it turns out, is different from what people thought.

The man in the video released a statement. He said he only went out of his car to feed a stray dog. After doing so, it seems that the dog wouldn’t leave him alone. Right now, the dog is safe and is at a California based animal shelter.

When it comes to viral videos, it’s easy for the viewers to assume the worst based on what they see. Majority of the angry commenters seem to forget to seek the story behind the video first before making a judgment.

The black Labrador is now in great care. It’s being fed, and it’s in a healthy condition. Hopefully, someone would come by to adopt it, and it wouldn’t have to suffer the same fate it did before. It’s a good thing that the man in the video isn’t really hurting the dog, and everything was actually just a misunderstanding.

Courtesy of Inside Edition via YouTube