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35 Doggy Fun Facts

January 7, 2019

It’s surprising that we learn new things about our furry BFF almost on a daily basis.  To add to that knowledge, we have here a list of doggy fun facts that you may have never known in the past. Add you own in the comment list!

Let’s go and amaze ourselves more!

  • Experiencing high blood pressure? Pet your furry friend, not just they can lower your blood pressure when you do, they love it.
  • Dog’s sense of smell is stronger than human’s by at least10,000 times.
  • Dogs can hear 4 times farther and better than humans can.
  • Have you seen a dog that has six toes on each foot? The Norwegian Lundehund does!
  • A guy has three times better chance of getting a girl’s phone number if he is accompanied by his furry friend.
  • There are more than 75 million dogs owned as pets in the United States – the highest recorded worldwide.
  • Dogs have 20/70 vision but they can see better at night than humans do.
  • There are at least 18 muscles each on a  dog’s ear!
  • Corgi means “dwarf dog” in Welsh.
  • If anything is stinky for you, it’s the opposite for your canine companion.  Almost anything smelling gross for humans are aromatic for dogs.
  • Cormorant, Minnesota’s mayor is named Duke.  Yes, he is a dog!
  • Do you sign your dog’s name on your holiday cards? If you do, then you are one of the 70% owners who do worldwide.
  • The most popular breed and favorite family pet in the United States are Labradors. They also top the list in other countries.
  • Bloodhounds have a very distinct sense of smell. They can trace down scents that are as old as 2 weeks!
  • Dogs curl up on their sleep not just to keep their body warm but to protect their vital body organs. If they trust the people around them and feel safe enough, that’s when you’d see them lying on their backs, exposing their tummies for some belly rubs.
  • If your dog has separation anxiety, give him recently worn clothes before you leave. Your body’s natural scent on the shirt will help him ease down and comfort him while you are away.
  • There are at least 45% of dogs in the Unites States that sleep in their human’s beds, even if they have their own!.
  • Basenjis are nicknamed, “The Barkless” dog. They can’t bark, but hey!  They can yodel!
  • A study conducted at the University of California found out that dogs get jealous. Yes, they do!  So don’t display too much affection toward something or someone when your pooch is watching.
  • Dogs can see colours. They do not just see black and white, they can also see blue and yellow.
  • Wet noses are what helps dog smell better. It is also an indication of good health.
  • Newfoundlands have webbed feet like ducks and these are what make them excellent swimmers.
  • Dogs’ sweat through their paws, the only part of their body where you can find sweat glands.
  • Because he was present on all of his owner’s classes, Kirsch, a service dog, became an honorary degree holder of mental health counselings. School is really cool for this pooch.
  • A German shepherd named Rin Tin Tin was the most popular dog in 1927. He received the Best Actor award at the first Academy Award completion in 1929.
  • The Australian Shepherd is not really Australian. He is a native in America.
  • The world’s oldest breed originated in Egypt back in 329 B.C. – the Saluki.
  • All puppies are born deaf and they outgrow the disability when they get older.
  • Corn chips – yup! That’s the smell of a dog’s natural body odor.
  • Like humans, dogs experience REM sleep. So yes, they dream! – puppies and senior dogs more frequently than middle–age or adult ones.
  • Dogs are smart enough that they can learn and understand at least 1000 words.
  • Hide and seek is the most favourite game of canines.
  • Greyhounds are the fastest among other breeds. They can run as fast as 44 miles per hour.
  • If humans can be identified by the unique print of the fingers, so does our canine friends – only through their nose prints! And no two canines will have the same exact nose prints.
  • A Russian dog was the first animal in space. Laika travelled around earth in 1957.

Do you know anything that’s not on the list?  Share it with us!